You'd better hurry or there won't be anything left to buy.

I don't know how Nguyen went to Boston.

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We're quite safe here.

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Do you plan to spend your whole life on that store?

We just hired them.

Glen refused to cooperate.


I believe the truth of her remark.

They're finished.

She came in with her eyes shining.

The next day he went away.

I feel pretty well.

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Didn't madam Rodriguez want to see my essay?

Just apologize.

I can't stand this cold.

I didn't know the performer, but eventually found out who she was.

Can I have some more candy?

Heisei is next after the Showa era.

Isaac listened to Debbie's story.


Activists try to prevent disease in poor countries.

Turn the radio down a little.

They didn't specify the year.

It's your turn, Jayesh.

Vivaldi wrote a lot of music for the bassoon.

He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

Do you really know?

That's certainly worth investigating.

The story goes that he was murdered.

No one could sleep that night.

You say "ditto", and that's not the same as "I love you".

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The coach said that Edwin did great.


Knut is neurotic.

Bjorne took aim and fired a warning shot.

Now that we have eaten, let's go.

I played tennis with Nicholas yesterday.

It was very daring of you to say that.


You should try to be more polite.

You're such a tattletale.

He was not invited.

Even Barbra smiled.

I am not thirsty.

You've got a lot to learn about being nice.

You have done a wonderful job.

Opinions vary from person to person.

I just assumed that it wasn't ready yet.

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It would be very useful for me.


I know you can help us.

What color reflects light the best?

Spacesuits supply astronauts with oxygen to breathe while they are in the vacuum of space.

I've lost my religious faith.

Why didn't you give Michiel the money he asked for?

I need to get out of here.

At first, I was worried about Ernst's growing affection for stoats, but after seeing his fascinating findings for myself, I realized that stoats are awesome and deserve every bit of attention they get.

We were all disappointed by the game.

An expert is speaking.

Jack wakes up at 8 a.m. every morning.

Do you like apples or oranges?

You can't talk to us that way.

Most people did what you did.


We carried a map with us in case we should lose our way.


You think I know more than what I do.

When did you see my scar?

Miriamne is probably in the building.

Wait here until we get back.

I would rather walk than wait for a bus.

I'm afraid I may not be able to help you tomorrow.

Physics is a branch of science.


I think I'll get some rest.

I don't like the texture of raisins.

Parliament decided to put the decision in the hands of the people.

I'm the one who ought to apologize.

Does that taste good?


He will be here any moment.


Aaron slept peacefully as the underground train rattled on its way.

I have no recollection of what happened. The whole thing is so fuzzy to me.

Meehan wondered where Rahul had put his cane.


So much is happening.

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Douglas died alone.

I am repeating the answer.

As soon as I left home, it began to rain.

I had not been waiting long before I heard footsteps coming upstairs.

The further I went the more irresistible became the feeling that I was going round and round in circles.

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Mara and Kayvan are planning to hike to the other side of the island.


I haven't got time to deal with this letter. Could you deal with it?

The car is equipped with digitally controlled air conditioning.

I'm sorry. I know I overreacted.

It is forbidden to read books in this bookshop.

I can't even remember what his name was.

I'm proud of having run fast as a boy.

I had romantic ulterior motives.


Boyd is a member of a secret society.


He ordered a beer.

She's desperate.

We can but do our best.

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Why don't you go find Mats?


Carl is the tallest man alive.

How long has it been going on?

Guy told us what to do.


All wise men are good, but not all good men are wise.

Briggs doesn't like being contradicted.

It doesn't matter where you go; you don't ever come back the same person as you once were.

Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday!

Do you know of any good inexpensive hotels in Boston?

I speak a little Scottish Gaelic.

I would like to speak to the head nurse.

The discussion was heated.

No stars could be seen in the sky.

It could be expensive.

Experts have offered three possible explanations.


As I do not have enough money, I will have to do without a new coat this winter.

He's now making a table for me.

You have to buy something.

Correct it, please.

We competed with each other for the prize.

Jinchao thought it was a stupid plan.

Jingbai is a third-year student.

I can't take my eyes off Christofer. I can't stop looking at him.

"That bitch kicked me in the balls." "You deserved it."


I think you were lucky.

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I hate spinach.


As I was reading, I became more interested.


Consider yourself lucky.

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In public life, let all citizens be equal.

After eight years of Bush the election of Obama was, for many, a breath of fresh air.

I esteem it an honor to address this audience.

I don't know what they do.

I'm glad I hired you.

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She doesn't understand sarcasm.

Norm wouldn't hurt a fly.

May I ask a quick question?


Edgar checked his mailbox to see if he'd gotten any mail.

Do those girls wear white skirts?

I am sure I will win the tennis match.


I'll let you speak to Ozan.


Y is pronounced with the tongue approximating the hard palate.

Kolkka is ignoring me at the moment.

He's a newcomer.


Twitter is among the biggest enemies of Islam.


Nhan said you were driving drunk.


Let's all just sit down and try to talk about what's happened.

You will soon get to like him.

Is it a secret?

He is the only friend I can really trust.

They both lived in Boston.


For one thing, he thinks she is stupid, for another, he doesn't like her.

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I just don't have time.

What are you doing out at this time?

She's very emotional.

We're winners.

May I leave this book with you?

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The Romanians from Transylvania speak very slowly.

Mr. Murray is challenging the call on the right far service line. The ball was called out.

We'll have to be ready to go.

Serdar does everything so well.

How far is it from here to Hakata?

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

Is there any danger of radiation?

When my dad finds out, he won't be happy.

It's dangerous to fool around with electricity.

I have a short-sleeved shirt.

Kieran couldn't decide when to leave.